The Fun Sisters: Fashion and Fun for Everyone!

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Our Story

The Fun Sisters story began in 1995 when Patsy Skiba (Owner), a former Northwest Flight Attendant, purchased faux Rolex watches, Burberry scarves, and Gucci bags from street vendors in New York during layovers. Back home in Minneapolis, friends and family caught onto her ways and wanted in on the fun. Patsy and her sister, Mary Rolbiecki (also a flight attendant), were purchasing items for them left and right under the name “Fabulous Fakes.”

Unbeknownst to Patsy and Mary, U.S. Customs Agents were cracking down on the knock-off goods sold openly in New York. Those who buy counterfeit merchandise cannot be prosecuted. Unfortunately to the sisters, those who sell it can!

After being convicted of a federal felony, the sisters had to undergo an extensive amount of community service, fines, and probation. Looking back they now laugh, seeing as these circumstances paved the way for what is now known as The Fun Sisters.

When the first store launched, it was only opened a few times a year in Minneapolis. As of 2018, The Fun Sisters is currently operating two locations in Brainerd Lakes Area that are open year-round: Pequot Lakes and Nisswa.

The store is now operated by Patsy and her husband, Daryl, and their amazing staff.